Europe is at war!

Dear readers of the BettingTipsX portal, unfortunately, this is not a new prediction from our experts. This is an alarming message, which is intended primarily to acquaint you with a huge disaster that has occurred in the center of Europe!
The Russian army, on the orders of President Putin, invaded the sovereign territory of Ukraine. This is a full-scale escalation, which the entire civilized world has recognized and has already begun to impose sanctions on the aggressor.
Yes, we often hear the phrase that sport is without politics. And believe us, we would not want to touch on these topics if we were not sure of our words. Therefore, we hope for your sanity, the ability to filter information and filter out fakes, as well as help.
Ukraine needs help. It will be enough to tell your friends about it, shed light on the situation and, if possible, make a charitable contribution. Ukraine, like the entire civilized world, does not want war. And our task is to support the freedom-loving people in their choice not to follow the path of the bloody terrorism of the Russian Federation. Glory to Ukraine!

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